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Friday, July 9, 2010


Today’s sermon is gonna be about Love my skat, specifically 3 things I love, namely Interesting spaces, stylish skattiez and Cape Town’s undying commitment to fahhhhbulosity, not the crass fabulousness that leans heavily on what brand you can buy into, but rather an almost quiet and yet assertive fab that comes from an intimate and deeply rooted relationship with all things aesthetic. Late Friday afternoon at Church was a beautiful combo of my three loves, throw in my fourth and most beloved of all, free dop, and the spirit takes me. Anyway, my abusive relationship with alcohol aside, for all y’all that don’t know, Church is a gift shop on Spin street in Cape Town, around the corner from parliament and next to that other fabulous space ‘Bread, Milk and Honey’. I am so in love with the space I struggle to come with just the right kind of words to describe it, so I’m not gonna try, visit it or at the least click here to visit their website. I’ve taken a couple of pics of the shop to try and give you an idea. It is really beautiful with very cool and stunning pieces. My birthday is on the 8th of November btw. I was there today to attend their launch of Wonderwood, the new COMME des GARCONS fragrance. Now Skattie, I am not trained in art of fragrance mixing, so I can’t say much except to say that I like it and a certain someone who loves me very much better open that wallet and get drastic with the plastic.  


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