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Monday, July 21, 2014


Hello skatties. I’m sure most of us know that this week, from the 24th to the 26th of July is all about Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town. I’ve got a set of two VIP tickets for Friday night to give away. The tickets will give the winners full access to Friday’s shows (schedule) and the ‘AdvancedStyle’ movie premiere on Friday afternoon. 

The winners will also have seats in a designated Mercedes-Benz area for the shows. My favourite bit (because you know I love free drank) is that they’ll also have full access to the Mercede-Benz VIP lounge where unlimited snacks and drinks flow. MAC Cosmetics and GHD will also be there to offer free make-overs, before and in-between shows.

So, quick recap: Hot movie premiere, fashion, designated seats, drank, snacks, make up, getting that weave GHD’d and fabulous shoulder rubbing and airkisses.

Of course we want to make sure that the tickets go to people who really want them rather than chancers, so to make the competition interesting, I’m going to ask those of you that want to win to take a picture of your most skattieliscious and fashion-week-fabulous item of clothing (or outfit), tweet it to me at @skattie_what and tag it #skattieMBFWCT.

Then my fabulous panel of judges and I will pick a winner and let you know by tomorrow. The judges are stylist Bee Diamondhead and Skattie Mag editor Sandiso Ngubane and me of of course.  The winner will get both tickets for themselves and whoever they wanna take.

Fashion week is around the corner, so you have  from now until noon tomorrow to enter (Tuesday 22nd July 12h00pm = closing). Hope to snap you there!

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Today (Saturday), 2bop launched their new Darkphase collection, along with a couple of artist collabo ranges. One with Dr Z, and another with Chloë Hugo-Hamman. I completely fell in love with their collaboration with Chloë, not that i didn't love the other pieces on show (i loved a lot actually), but i thought this was so awesome that it deserved its own post so we can look at it and adore the awesomery.

Also, if you downloaded the Skattie magazine issue that we launched last year, you'll remember that Chloë was one of the contributors (you can still download it on the link above below the main skattie image). She contributed 'SPECIALS', a series of collage art pieces that also played with bargain advertising imagery. If you scroll down this post you'll see some of what she contributed. So it's an extra special experience for me to see her take that and develop it into exciting apparel pieces.

Also (also, i must stop starting sentences like that), max respect to 2bop for the work they've been doing for the last 10 years.  I wish you guys many more decades and much more growth. Get yourself up to date with all things 2bop here (facebook), here (instagram), here (twitter), and here (website)




Do you remember last year when Sandiso and I launched the Skattie Magazine performance and visual arts issue? Well, we're working on the 2014 issue, which will be an even more ambitious project covering people whose contribution to culture we find inspiring. However, a year is really too long to wait for another issue. So, inspired by the talent we find ourselves surrounded by, we decided to launch 'Skattie Celebrates', which takes the format of quarterly mini issues, each one focusing on one emerging creative talent, featuring images of only their work, and interviews with them. 

For our very first one we totally fell in love with Unathi Mkonto's illustrations, which take inspiration diverse fields such as architecture, fashion and cricket. In fact it was his illustrations that inspired us to start Skattie Celebrates. So we partnered up with Art South Africa magazine to bring the idea to life. They've been fucking awesome; with absolutely no hesitation they jumped in and did the layout for the magazine. They will be also distributing it on the Art South Africa app as an online mag download. To say we're super chuffed with their enthusiasm would be an understatement.

With each issue we will also be hosting a launch party, not only to display the magazine, but to also give the artists/illustrators/designers an opportunity to put their original work up on the wall so the community at large can get up close and personal with it. Also, we fucking love a party. This being our first one, it was fucking awesome and it has us so excited that we're already starting work on the next one which we will be in September.

Now y'all know shit like this doesn't just come together just because. There are many people whose support made it possible. Firstly, major thanks to Blank Gallery for hosting us, you guys rock. It also wouldn't be much of a party without drank, so thank you to Spier Wine Farm for their ongoing commitment to the arts, and for hooking us up with a range of some of their best wines. I think my friend Christopher Starr (the one with the gold quilted top and the green hair) put it best when he said as he was sipping on a red, "Fuck, it's so nice to come to an opening and actually get served good wine instead of the usual....." 

We must also thank Bombay Sapphire for coming through on short notice hooking us up with gin. Best. Thanks to Bos ice teas as well, I don't know what they put in their new energy drink ice tea, but whatever it is, it is fucking effective, people were so lifted and jumping up and down on that dancefloor i had to eventually switch off the music and ask the to move the fuck on, because, you know, even a skattieparty has to come an end. 

To Jody Brand, Bee Diamondhead, Athi-Patra Ruga and Mr Blouse (our very own Sandiso): Thank you for the music darl'ns. You too Roger Young. Lastly, to all y'all that came thru and made it such a special evening, got so much love for you, thank you.

So, download urself a copy, get to know Unathi and enjoy his beautiful illustrations. The link is up above, below the main Skattie pic. You can also just click here. However, for the best experience on your tablet or phone, download Art South Africa's Snapplify on this here link:


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