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Saturday, September 13, 2014


This past Thursday, online store launched their S/S 2014 collection. Here's the best bit tho, they also launched the Spree Boutique an online collection of designer ranges featuring carefully curated items from Marianne Fassler, Thula Sindi, Kl√Ľk CGDT and Gert-Johan Coetzee. I'm personally excited about it because as we all know our retailers have tried a few times to incorporate designer ranges into their offering, and quite a few have been unable to sustain those relationships for various reasons. I really don't have any reliable info as to what all the reasons are, but i know that in some situations designers had to create new ranges for the retailers, often watered down to come into cheaper prices. I love that in this case Spree selects and curates items from existing ranges rather than telling the designers what to do, therefore giving customers a truly authentic designer shopping experience, and because it's online, this also opens up an opportunity to sell their work beyond our borders. So ja, get shopping.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

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