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Thursday, December 30, 2010


I'm not one for new year's resolutions and all that. i believe that when people want to do shit, they do shit regardless of the calendar, but it is the season and i am sitting at home (my parent's house), bored as fuck and i find myself contemplating the year ahead whilst fighting the urge to reach into my bag and grab that damn vodka bottle.....speaking of vodka, that damn alcohol, must get that shit under control this year. I'm telling you skat, i can barely remember half the shit that happens around me when i party. were it not for my camera i wouldn't remember most of the people i meet and have great drunken chats with. It's not a cry for help skat, i'm just sayin. So please don't feel a need to intervene just yet. Anyway, besides the fading memory, i'm more stressed about the fucking calorie content in booze and my rapidly expanding waistline. Don't get me wrong, it's not like i've never been fat before. Infact i've been fat so many times i used to divide it into 3 different stages. there's the fat stage, the obese stage and then there's what i call "the condition", a.k.a morbidly obese, and morbid is what i felt a week ago looking into the three-way mirror of a fitting room at a popular dept store. Actually i might as well come out with it, i weighed myself this morning and for the first time in my life i weigh 99kg, last time i liked my bod i weighed 74kg, 25kilograms ago skattie. What the fuck skat? Who does that to themselves? like i said i have been fat before, but "the condition"? Never until now. A kilo away from a 3-digit weight measurement, i swear i'd jump off a bridge if i didn't think i'd just bounce back up. To make matters worse, it's been so long since i've worn the kind of clothes i like, coz they really don't make those for men of my size. In fact i have worn more than my fair share of caftans this year, coz skattie when the going gets fat, the fat get caftans. Afro-centric fashion gear is great and all but skattie some days i just want that fucking euro-centric slim fit shirt dammit. Fuckit, where's that goddamn vodka?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010


When i started this blog the very first post i did was on my friend Jamakazi Thelejane’s rather dramatic approach to style, so i am of course extra proud that she and her business partner Sithembiso Mngadi have launched their own shop up in Jozi. To find out more about their shop click here to join the facebook fanpage. Alas, i was not there for the actual launch but fortunately my good friends Fumi and Mazwi were there, Mazwi snapped pics of the guests attending and Fumi had this to say about the event:

Dearest Skat, whatever must you think of us wretched souls north of Paarl? Months go by and nary a word from Jozi. But don’t despair though Skattie, in between the monkeys putting names in and the odd Wikileak, we’ve been entertaining ourselves with a whole lot of shopping. Tis the season to be spending, is it not? Or doesn’t your daddy have a tender? Anyway, first it was Pulchritude, where we gobbled up copious amounts of Pongracz on empty stomachs on a rainy Thursday night last week - which worked wonders on most, and we all got really drastic with the plastic. Then on Sunday, Fruitcake - a vintage store with attitude - decided to treat us to an exquisite display of vintage clothing. The clothes were fresh and the style was skattieliscious- from brightly coloured tutu’s and bodysuits to boys in pearls and skirts. Indeed, the kind people at Fruitcake know something. These two beautiful souls scour the strangest places to bring you a cornucopia of ridiculous looks. I should know this, I’ve gone shopping with them and must say my closet has never looked fruitier. The weather looked shit at first but cleared up just in time for the show, which was marvelous! If only it had started a little earlier, like on time - even the MC was late, but I’m not naming any names.
Anyway,  feast Skat on the beauty of Joziwood. Oh, and thanks once more to our man in the north, Mazwi Vezi for the sublime images

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I moved back to to Cape Town two years and i met Unati a couple of months later. I am a big fan of her personal style. That much i've made clear over a few posts. We almost always run into each other at art exhibitions and at other more questionable gatherings. I can safely say that at every single one of those occasions i've snapped a picture of her. In fact if you check the post directly below you'll see a pic of her amongst the Rasta pics. When she invited me over for dinner, i made sure to bring my camera along, with intent to sneak in a style jam. So in-between glasses of wine and dinner preparations, we snuck in a few costume changes and had ourselves a bit of a style jam. I also discovered something i never knew about Unati, she bakes the most fucking amazing stuffed bread to order, check the pic to see, i insisted that she let me put her contact details here for anyone who might wanna give her a call to order the bread. Her number is 079 695 0052, obviously she lives in then Cape and if you live elsewhere you probably should not call her. All in all i've had a fantastic weekend, not that you care but hey. Well, it's almost midnight and tomorrow is Monday, so goodnight skattie.
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