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Friday, August 31, 2012


Ola skats, so ja those of you who know me know that the easiest way to get me to a party is to not invite me. I fucking will pull every fucking string to get there just so that I don’t seem like the only person who wasn’t invited, pathetic I know, don’t judge me bitch. So when my friend Zanele from Marie Claire told me she was interviewing Little Dragon yesterday I pulled just about every string I could get my desperate hands on to make sure my camera and I would be in that room with her. So please do enjoy, and for those of you who will be at the concert tonight I look forward to seeing/shooting you there. Me I’m gonna pass out now, so I can  wake up in time for the Little Dragon concert tonight. Thank you Zanele, Marie Claire for the interview and adidas for bringing through LD, can't wait to party with you all tonight!
NOTE/DISCLAIMER: You film school bitches, yeah I know this shit ain’t slick. Deal. Amateur is truth. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012



these r the things i should do i should post as soon as i come back from a night like i used to i should go out more often like i used to instead of going to evol every friday night evol party pics from my nights of alcohol abuse at evol can no longer qualify as style posts even though sometimes they’re all the style i need i should really stop drinking something tells me the pain in my ankles is directly related to my alcohol consumption i should write funny posts again even though i struggle with the humour i should really lose weight and stop complaining about how fat i am i really need to get a haircut i should be a better vegan i should stop frying tofu all the time and eat more raw veggies i should complete my growing up selling out cashing in process by accepting advertisers on my blog with big fucking banners and i should write about how much i love their products so they can give me free shit so i can look sort of stylish like other bloggers i should stop writing self-indulgent posts i should write more posts i should visit my parents more often and when my camera lens comes across famous people like ninja from die antwoord i should put die antwoord on the post title and in the first paragraph of the post so that when people search for die antwoord google search engines will lead them to my blog i should tweet more i should be more honest with myself i am not really an atheist i should get around to editing the skattietv footage i promised to post a coupla weeks ago these r the things i should do

Friday, August 24, 2012



So tonight I went to check out Cosmopolitan’s Lingerie do, billed as South Africa’s premier lingerie show. The September Issue of Cosmo is as some of you might know also accompanied by a lingerie supplement. the show was held at the Cape Sun, a bit of a retro venue, but I love that. A bit of a disclaimer to start, I am not really a lingerie kinda guy, I never really fully get it, some fags do but me not quite.  Even at fashion week it gets a bit of a funny treatment, like it’s the other show, you know the one packed with screaming heterosexual couples. Actually even tonight I was trying to get a friend who lives and breathes fashion to accompany me, and she was like “No! it’s not fashion”, but like a good fashion bitch she rocked up for the afterparty anyway. As for me I really admire Cosmo for the energy they put behind the lingerie industry and it’s trends, and even though I still don’t quite get lingerie I thoroughly enjoyed the show, I love showmanship and a bit of craft and they brought it by the bucketloads. I spent so much time loving those dramatic headpieces, I fucking love drama. I must also mention that as much as I go on about not quite getting it I had a bit of a wow moment when the ackermans lingerie came on, I guess it’s because of brand perception/prejudice that I really didn’t expect their lingerie to be on par with the rest but fuck it held its own and then some (and there were quite a few brands there,  Guess, Wonderbra, Jockey, Temptations, etc), as an ex fashion buyer myself I gotta raise a glass to the buyer who hooked up that range.  Anyway, me I had a rockin time (shocker of shockers I experimented with sobriety tonight and still had fun and only made it home  at 1.00 am). And after all that we were treated to an afterparty at the top of the ABSA building in town. I’ll let the pics tell the rest of the story, I’m not gonna say more because I have to get to sleep, coz I have to wake up early tomorrow for breakfast at the new entrepo store, yep it’s the décor store. I recently joined the VISI team, so ja I’m all about interiors now. nyt skat.

REMEMBER: don't be pedantic, let all grammar and spelling mistakes I make at this time of the morning slide.
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