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Sunday, March 31, 2013


Ola skat, must tell you about this video real super quick. I’m at a friend’s party right now and I don’t wanna get caught for working/blogging while partying, I always get into trouble for that shit. Anyway, my friend, fellow blogger and thinspiration Sandiso and I shot this about three weeks ago at the Cosmo hottest bartender gig at Shimmy. It’s taken me forever to edit, sorry about that, but seeing as I’m learning how to edit from YouTube videos that’s to be expected. Enjoy the video and forgive us for bad light and lack of make up, we’re much more inspired by Nollywood than we are by Hollywood, we can’t be letting shit like lack of skills and equipment get in the way of what needs to be done. Enjoy.

Special thanks to my Editors-At-Large for their input, Kabelo Mahashe, Pam Dlungwana and Bee Diamondhead.


On Friday evening I went to check out the ‘It’s a textile’ market at ‘It’s a house’ in the Waterkant. For those of you who don’t know, It’s a house is a bar/lounge/club/workspace that opened late last year.  It’s a quirky cool looking venue and as a working space it’s got free wi-fi and a couple of cubicles across the bar which you can rent as office space. Nice idea that, although probably not such a good idea for some of us to work so close to a bar. Definitely not a good idea for me.

Early last year when I quit my job in fashion buying to pursue writing and other hobbies-turned-jobs, I worked from home for two months and I often started my work days (around noon) with a trip to the local wine shop for a bottle of mid day chardonnay. It was fucking awesome for the writing, alas not so great for the liver, by the time evening came I’d be having youtube parties for one listening to the forgotten rappers that made my youth and tweeting Lil’ Kim’s rudest lyrics, which of course were always about how truly amazing her pussy is. Love Lil’ Kim forever but the amount of music that she has written about her  “designer pussy” that “comes in flavours”,  it’s no wonder people are starting to forget her, and her pussy. Like Kanye said, “pussy can’t be your only hustle”. Nu topics please Kim, and I’ll walk right past the Nicki Minaj cd and buy your cd. Okay I’m bullshitting, I’ll download for free on the internets, but you catch my drift. Thankfully I no longer work from home and I don’t have to deal with the judgemental eyes of my cats every time they saw that bottle of Chard.

Anyway, I digress, back to It’s a textile. It’s a monthly market that my friend Nonhlanhla a.k.a Tiger-Lily hosts at It’s a house. Lotsa fashion goodies, from super cheap second hand to designer gear. Check their facebook page here to find out when the next gig is.

RANDOM FACT WHICH ALWAYS MAKES ME CHUCKLE: It’s a house is right next to Hothouse, which is a men only club, the kind that has steam rooms, jacuzzis, dark rooms, etc. The kind where nudity is a requirement for admission. So when I’m having a drink or shopping away at It’s a house the knowledge that on the other side of the wall is the kind of ‘pleasure central’ that might give a homophobe a heart attack (one can dream) brings a wicked knowing smile to my face. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013




Friday, March 22, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I went to a launch at the store which Missibaba and Kirsten Goss share on Bree Street, Cape Town. This unfortunately was the same week I lost my camera, so all the pics I took were lost along with the camera. When I got my new cam I went back and took a coupla pics, the ones at the top, the rest are press pics from both Missibaba and Kirsten Goss. As I’ve said before I am huge fan of Missibaba, and whilst I was never really a jewelry person I’ve been converted by the clean geometric lines of Kirsten’s new “Urban Edge” range. Both Kirsten and Chloe Townsend from Missibaba did a bit of a collaboration vibe. Chloe with graphic designer Naomi Bossert and illustrator Mia Nolting to create three limited edition prints for here “I see the sea and the sea sees me range” of handbags.

Kirsten on the hand collaborated with graffiti artist Jack Mantis to create an installation for the store, which you can see in the pic up top and also the video at the bottom of this post. I’m a total sucker for creative collaboration so I was quite excited by all this action. Pity I don’t have pics to show you the full buzz at the actual launch event. Askies.

In other news, sorry for the sporadic posts, well not that they’ve ever been anything but. I’ve been trying to get back into doing skattieTV episodes and I’m the slowest amateur video editor ever, but you can look forward to an episode or two in the next coupla weeks. Lots of pics coming too.  Yay, an entire post with no swearwords, I’m getting better (or worse) at this, I’ll go and reward myself with a tub of ice cream now.

Kirsten Goss - 'Urban Edge' Graffiti installation with Jack Mantis - Bree Street, Cape Town from Kirsten Goss on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


So ja we spent last night at The Reserve which was booked out for the night to celebrate Jocelyn’s “long awaited” divorce. Girlfriend has waited a while hey, 3 yrs to be specific, dealing with the admin, finally it’s legal. Fabulous human being that she is, she hooked up a proper party to celebrate the official end of her marriage and we had a motherfucker of a party, I even managed to lose my D&G glasses which I’ve only had for two weeks, the ones Jocelyn is wearing in the pic above, and everyone else is wearing in the pics below. Feeling like such a loser about that, I really don’t deserve nice things. Anyway, it’s Sunday a/noon and sleep deprivation is getting the better of me, so imma stop now before I start rambling. Enjoy the pics. Congrats Jocelyn!!! 


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