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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Happy Tuesday skattie. I don’t know what you did with your Monday evening and I certainly am not gonna judge you. As for me and mine we went to The Waiting Room to party it up to the sounds of Lindiwe Suttle, TheFrown and DJ Invizable. Lindiwe was performing tracks from her new album Kamikaze Art. My friend Fumi and I got our copies last year before the holidays, and I put mine into my car’s cd player and it never came out, it was literally the soundtrack to my holiday, so last night Fumi and I were them corny people singing along to every song, I swear if we still smoked we might have embarrassed ourselves with some of that ‘basic bitch put ur lighters in the air’ behavior, too much fun.

The Frown, I don’t even know what to say about say about these guys. I love them so much and I also really don’t want to categorize them. It’s not just dance, or rave, or seapunk aesthetics, it’s so much more than a non-music writer like myself can explain. So please do yourself a favour and follow this link to check out their awesome videos  and music, and get to know them if you still don’t know who they are.  Lead singer EveRakow is also first cover girl for the very first issue of Gaschette mag, follow that link too skattie, fresh.

Then DJ Invizable came on, some of you know him from the band Gazelle, and he played awesome beats that are probably gonna make some people very late for work this morning. Speaking of work, it’s mutherfucking 3.30 in the morning, so good night skatebol.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


You know those moments, when you see a simple yet effective idea, and you’re like “well, fuck me drunk in the middle of hailstorm and call me Esther but that’s a fucking good idea!”
p.s. not my idea. the honour belongs to my other, Athi-Patra Ruga. Who by the way threatened a hailstorm if I didn't credit him. So there.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Alright alright it’s  just Lion’s Head, and everybody’s walked it. I’ve also done it a few times, but it’s still a mountain, it maybe a bit like Michelle to Table Mountain’s Beyonce, no wait it’s more like Kelly, Devil’s Peak is definitely more Michelle [visit this tumblr. trust me, you'll thank me], anyway it’s a fucking mountain.

It could be the touristy summer vibes or the hard to remove stain of hippie left on me by my student days in Obz, or my cheesy nature that drives me to share what are essentially outdoorsy facebook albums with you from time to time. But here we are, and that is the situation.

Yeaterday my friend Bee and I went for a walk up the abovementioned Lion’s head. Fucking awesome and so exhausting, but it ends with a rewardingly smug sense of self-satisfaction when you walk down.  To think there are people who jog up there every morning before work. While the rest of us sashay into work 5 minutes before or after the required time, dreading the canteen coffee, but unfortunately did not leave the house on time to get a fancy coffee elsewhere, or too broke for it. 8.30ish in the morning and some motherfuckers have already climbed, no, jogged up a fucking mountain! I don’t know what to think of them, I want so hard to think positive and inspired thoughts, like the kind a livestrong wristband used to inspire, but them hater thoughts….

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I took these earlier today at POP, a mixer which was hosted Marie Claire's Aspasia Karras and Business Day Wanted Magazine's Gary Cotterell at the Taj hotel, a moment for everyone to pause, sip on bubbles, and catch up. As usual skat it was lots of fun, made even more so my girls Zanele and Lulu's deejay sets. Enjoy

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


There has to be a name for that January gym situation, it’s beyond just ‘nu year’s resolutions’. You know the situation, hitting gym hard, a new diet, blah blah blah. It gets me every fucking year. Last year it had me going on a juice fast for a month, I only managed 17 days, during which I lost 10 kilos,  okay, 9. Nevermind that I gained 12 after I got off the fast. At least for a couple of months I felt slim and I felt all those other things that TV and magazines say go with slim. Mind you I wasn’t actually slim, my weight was in the 3-digit territory before I went into that god damned juice fast, so do the math. Fortunately or unfortunately at the time I was still in fashion buying and I was surrounded by well meaning fashion bitches who are always prone to a bit of hyperbole. With eyes wide open and hands over mouth they would say things like ”Mali! Dahling! You are disappearing right in front of my eyes! You. Are. Skin and bone! “. Delusional faggot that I am, I believed the bitches, never mind the size 36 pants I put on morning after morning. Anyway the reason I’m telling you this is that I’m on yet another mission, details later when I’m sure that I’m successfully headed towards my Spring Summer 2013 body, or twenty thir-thin as I like to call it.

This mission that I am on is the reason I couldn’t stay long at tonight’s event at Merchants on Long, hence the shy number of pics. Me and my girl Bee popped in very briefly and then headed str8 off to gym afterwards, you know, to work on our S/S 2013 #BadBitches bodies. The event was to launch a range of swimwear from Bantu, a label which uses African inspired prints for swimwear and celebrates beach culture around the continent. If like me you thought the name of the label was based on the SA meaning of the word bantu, no it’s not. It’s taken from the Senegalese language Wolof, and it means gateway. So there. And no, we won’t be talking cultural appropriation on this post. I personally love the prints on the shorts, and I imagine that later on in the year when my Spring Summer 2013 body is a reality, I will definitely be rocking them at a beach near you. However, should spring come and I look 3 digit weight, be nice, with your eyes wide open and your hands over your mouth, tell me that I am disappearing right in front of your eyes, tell me that I. Am. Skin and bone!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Went to the L’Ormarins Queens Plate earlier today (Saturday) and it goes without saying skatebol I had a fucking awesome time. In fact I left a packed dancefloor, just as DJ Fresh started playing and that’s only because I was fucking exhausted, having spent the entire day there, plus I’ve had too many late nights in smoky clubs this week. Sober late nights nogal. Yes, today is my 49th day of sobriety. Partying it up hard though, probably out of some twisted need to prove to myself that sobriety will not turn me into a complete bore, there really is no fate worse being a bore. No really skat, boring people are the most boring people evr.

I spent most of the day at the Stud Club Marquee which is the VIP bit and it was packed full of the who’s who. I can’t tell you who they were though because I really suck at that game. If you really wanna know I’m sure a bit of googling will bring you some satisfaction. Anyway the other fags and I amused ourselves by gossiping about and laughing at the Johannesburgers who had a demarcated VIP area in the VIP section. I think it was organized by Peroni or something. I mean seriously, the Stud Club is already a VIP section, filled with some famous people, some really rich people, some beautiful people and the usual husband hunters in bodycon dresses. But all that fabulousness just wasn’t enough for this Jozi bunch of tv presenters and socialites, they had to have a cordoned off section within the VIP section. Ag I suppose it’s cool, laughter is after all said to be the best medicine and that situation gave us lots of it. To be fair though we all agreed that Tumisho Masha’s (who was in this VVIP section) hips probably deserved a marquee of their own.

Anyway, besides all that, I think this really is an awesome event, this was my second one and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the size. It’s not this massive thing, it’s just the right size. I also really love that the theme is always simply Blue and White, saving us from having to see the manifestation of the fashion horrors that exist in some people's imaginations. I’m not gonna talk about the horses though because really skat, what the fuck do I know about horses? I’m just a fag who suffers from the social disease, not the venereal kind skat, but rather the kind that would make one go to the opening of a toilet seat. I’m still envious of my friends that I left back at the party tho, it looked like it was cookin to be quite a big night. 

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