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Thursday, October 24, 2013


 Greed is a muthaphukkin bitch I tell you. Tonight was one of them nights where there was so much happening in CT. David Tlale had something on at the Bromwell, Adriaan Kuiters had a range launch, Tiger of Sweden had an opening at the V&A and Cape Town Art Fair launched. Thing is they were all 18h00 for 18h30. Greedy ass fucking glutton that I am, I tried to attend all ‘o them, because you know, more is more. I imagined I’d come out with lots of pictures and a mega post that would make you forget that I hadn’t posted in a bit. Like Lady Gaga I did it for the applause. By the time I got to the last event, the Art Fair, it was almost closing time and I managed to relax and shoot these images, and everything I shot at the other events looked shit because I was rushing around. Admittedly there was also a bit of a slim pickings situation. At one of the events, the ladies embraced the bodycon, as though it had just hit, fresh off the runway like. At another, the three tv celebrities in attendance were the most stylish looking, never a good sign in my book. And at another, the hipsters looked as though the summer arrived before they'd had the chance to check out tumblr for the summer's dress code memo, so they reached back to summer 2012's ironic. But hey, with a little more time at each event, who knows what might have come of it. Learnt my lesson though, not to be fucking greedy, must choose an event and stick with it. Oh well. Enjoy.

Monday, October 21, 2013


Sunday, October 13, 2013


Finally, here is the video of the judging session for those Rihanna tickets. Thank you very much to the guys who entered, you guys were really great sports for doing this, and of course proved yourselves to be real fans of Riri. Thank you to the judges Sandiso Ngubane (@Sandiso_N), Bee Diamondhead (@BEE_DIAMONDHEAD), and Chu Suwannapha (@ChuSuwannapha). And thank you to 4th Street wines (@4thstreetwine) and Girl About Town PR (@GirlAbtTwn) for the tickets

Minor disclaimer ::: I HAD ABSOLUTELY FUCK ALL SAY IN THE JUDGING. So at no stage did I try to push anyone through or some shit like that, you’ll see in the video that it was done openly and transparently by our fabulous judges.

And thanks once again to the entrants for your time and your great sense of humour. Enjoy the vid, and major congratulations to our Winner!!!!!

Friday, October 11, 2013


Just in case you still ain't seen it, this video, The Purge, is an artwork by my partner in life and hustle Athi-Patra Ruga. It was commissioned by Puma for World Peace Day, which is 21 September. In case you don't know about Puma's films4peace project, which invites some of the very best artists from all over the world every year to create new work, go here to find out

The vid was launched on 21/09. Of course I'm totes (not sure if it's still okay to use that word) behind on posting it, but to my defence I've watched this vid like a 1000 times with Athi, that by the time it launched I was purged the fuck out. IT. IS. AMAZING. and that's not just biased Mali speaking. Watch it!!!!

Athi had this to say about it: "This video isn’t just about peace in itself, it is more about the process of getting there. I wanted to create a slow time-inspired unravelling of the identities – something that fascinates me – that weigh heavily on us and, perhaps, our daily performances as people. That is what the most recent avatar in my latest body of work does… in a loop. The Future White Woman of Azania (FWWOA) is a character made up of paint-filled balloons and resembles a science diagram."

Visit to read the rest of the interview with Athi.
P.S. it's best watched with loud ass headphones on ya head.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


PIC ABOVE = @athipatraruga & @datbitchseyonce. IF YOU NO KNOW, GO KNOW
WORK BELOW by JODY BRAND aka @datbitchseyonce

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


By the way, if you don't know about the competition I'm running for tickets to Rihanna's show in Cape Town next week, check my previous post. Because I also like a bit of drama, and I've gathered this fabulous panel of judges. So go ahead, enter and remember to impress them. tick tock, remember competition closes at 17h00 on Friday.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


So I’ve been wrecking my brain tryna think of the most fun and just way to give these two golden circle tickets away. As it is, so many friends have called me up and sent me fb messages asking me to pick them, tsk tsk, my friends be so corrupt. Bless.

Anyway, here’s how we gonna do it, I’m gonna give both tickets to one person, because I think it’s more fun that way, to take your bestie or whoever to enjoy the show together, I’ll also throw in a bottle of wine from 4th street, the wine company that paid for the tickets, and that’s also paying for my VIP tickets in a box somewhere about the crowds, hashtag bestlife.

So I decided it best to look for a winner who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and has a bit of a sense of humour. Here’s how you enter: Take a pic of yourself in the most creative, most fabulously ridiculous Rihanna themed outfit you can think of wearing to the show, and send it to Then on Saturday my panel of judges will go through all the pics and select a winner, of fabulously ridiculously skattieliscious proportions. In the interest of transparency (and entertainment), I will shoot a video of the judging session which I will publish on Sunday night when the winner is announced. Closing date for entries is 17h00 on Friday (11th Oct). Riri’s show is on Wednesday the 16th at Cape Town stadium. Please note that these tickets are only for the Cape Town show.

Okay. The competition in now open.

P.S. For you entertainment check out this video below which the guys took when they came to deliver my invite and tickets. Albeit a slightly re-edited version because I hate myself on video.


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Check out this very interesting video which was sent to me by Zoe Gray, who is a researcher for a site that provides education and industry insights to MBA students. This specific video takes a critical look at how "disposable fashion" affects the fashion industry as a whole. What do you think?
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