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Monday, June 28, 2010



Well, not that curious actually, anybody who’s picked up a magazine in the last year knows that it’s been hot for a while now, but it made for an interesting title and I made you look, so go ahead and sue me, it’s not like I’ve ever claimed to be above cheap tricks to get hits on my blog. But now that you are here, let’s get on with it. So my Saturday eventually ended up at the blank gallery, if you were there you’ll know how fun and interesting it was, if you weren’t, tough shit. My good friend of many years, Bettina Make-a-mess, oops I mean Malcomess, her alter ego Anne Historical (in the tweedy jacket) and the Blank Gallery put together a thoroughly enjoyable evening of art and soccer (don’t ask). Now, I must apologise if the above statement excludes others who might have a played a key role in putting the night together, I’m not a paid, nor am I trained journalist, so I feel absolutely no inclination to double check my facts before publishing. As I have stated so many times before, I am no art critic, so ja no I can’t say much about the art, except that I would recommend you pay a visit to the blank gallery website (really, click on the link, go check) and familiarize yourself with the ideas behind the work, I personally found it very interesting. I am slightly biased in favour of the blank gallery, I find their openings and exhibitions to bring a breath of fresh air, they don’t take themselves too seriously and always bring a bit of fun to the sometimes stuffy business of art, even if they do insist on charging for the dop. I have not said much about the clothes, I do think it’s a pretty self explanatory story about the blazer, but I will leave this note for a certain Jon G, you know who you are: those tired D&G sneaks are not gonna cut it, it’s time to make some tough fashion decisions. Personally I’d exchange them for a copy of the Big Issue.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


As the title suggests skat, my little bitchfit this week is about stylish friends, especially when one has a blog like mine. Thing is my slutty skattie, everywhere I go, there they are, looking fabulous and of course I have no choice but to take a picture, next thing my blog starts to look like a rehashing of the same old bloody faces. Seriously, atleast 6 of the people on the pics above have been featured on this blog before. What must I do skat? Must I apologise because I am a style magnet? Sommer just? no, no, no, no, NO!!! To be honest skat, I don’t go out to befriend people because of their sense of style, I befriend them for their inner, for their character, for the charity that exists within, for their loving personality. Bwaaaahhh…haha…ha…ha..ha, oh I kill me!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Skattie, It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, I am a huge fan of local designers, especially those designers who are able to balance trends, style, and commercial viability, coz lets be honest skat, this here is South Africa and many former fashion students might as well be using their diplomas as placemats for all the good they do, I laminated mine and now it makes for a very effective and expensive dustpan. Enough about the “could-have-beens”, let’s rather celebrate the ‘doers’. Peacemaker is one such person, he is currently working on two labels, he runs ‘Masquerade’ which is his made-to-order label, and ‘Goat’(click to visit website) which is his ready-to-wear label, which as I’m sure you can tell by the pics above is the focus of this post. It’s Monday, I’m exhausted, I slipped up on my diet and binged on cupcakes, and my brain is threatening to go on strike, so I’m not gonna say too much, I’d rather  let the images do the talking, but I’m not gonna say absolutely nothing either skattie, coz his shop is fresh and I love it, so here goes: The shop is a little gem located on 102 Longmarket street in Cape Town. As the tagline says, it is 'a colourful brand'. Words that come to mind when checking both the shop and the merchandise on the rails: fun young quirky sporty urban sophistication global and most importantly, resolved. The pieces are easy to wear, the d├ęcor is easy on the eye. My personal favourites  are the high-waisted stone coloured peg leg pants,  and whilst I absolutely hate prescribing what others should wear, I really think all style lovin women should own peglegs, except the morbidly obese of course, and if you are so challenged, don’t take offence, take up a gym class. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010


It’s been a while skatebol, 12 days to be exact ( a day for each step I guess, no worries u’ll get it just now). Not that I’m one driven by a desire to explain  myself, but just in case on a particularly uninteresting night you came looking  for the new ish and you left disappointed, I will explain. For very personal and highly confidential reasons known only to me and just about everyone who spotted me last Friday (yes the world cup opening Friday), I have decided to take the path less travelled by the fabulous, yes I am giving up the bottle and going sober. So for the last week and a bit I have kept away from events frequented by the fabulous, the ironic, the self consciously arty & the stylish, because we know how much they love their bubbly. And their gin. And our beer. And their whisky. And their pernod. And their wine. And our vodka, our lovely vodka. Anyway, the grieving is over skat. As Tina Turner is my personal lord and saviour, I hope buddha will give me strength, or maybe jesus will turn my valpre into merlot. So, here are some pics I took on the last days of my wannabe elegantly wasted glam art slut lifestyle, it was the sweetest sweet. The pics are a mix of skatties with interesting personal style from different events, and of course one of me with my last glass of wine, so if you see me skat, don’t offer me any dora or I’ll blerry drink it. Now we move soberly on forward, starting this coming Sunday, a shoot with Oddy of Arnreuby. I hope I spelled the name of your label correctly skat, it rolls off the tounge beautifully but it can induce dyslexia. Can’t wait for the shoot.

Monday, June 7, 2010


This  Sunday (as in yesterday), Chimurenga launched their 15th  (or was it the 18th) issue. Those of you who don't know what Chimurenga is, go know. Those of you who have been to a Chimurenga launch will know that they are generally funky affairs at interesting venues. This one was no different as you can see by the pics above, the choice of venue was a shebeen in Gugulethu and the entertainment came in the form of a live Jazz band. I'm not gonna go on and on about it, you must excuse me skat, it's early in the morning and if i don't start getting ready I am gonna be late for work. Enjoy the pics.

p.s. Spotted Suzy Bell and her two dogs at the event, didn't take a pic of her though. Eish, girlfriend really isn't into fashion.
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