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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011


My distaste for good ol' Obzlavatory is no secret. I used to live and party in Obz back in the day, 10 years  ago to be exact so i'm being a bit of a hypocrite, but most grown up are, so deal skat. When i grew a little less boho i shaved my dreads and moved. But i remember the house parties in Obz to be the most fun piss ups, and it was with those memories in mind that i went to check out my friend's party on Friday night, and this one didn't disappoint either, it was such a jol and God forbid but i think i might do it again. Fuck skat, last time i danced that much was 15kilos ago in nearly as many years ago. I don't do much dancing anymore , thanks to close and trusted friends who always make a point of reminding how truly pathetic i am on the dancefloor everytime i drink up enough courage to attempt rythmic movements in public spaces. and i used to think being black automatically meant i could dance maybe even moonwalk, sadly that stereotype didn't turn out so true and my feet didn't grow to a respectable size either. And now with age, fading looks and a much slowed down metabolism my dreams of being a back-up dancer in a Chris Brown video are looking rather sad, like dreadlocks on white folks. Actually to be fair dreadlocks don't really look that great on anybody these days, i wonder if Jabu Stone  is still making money? My absolute worst though are those thin little ones that  corporate type  guys grow to beyond shoulder length and then cornrow in intricate patterns, like that guy in the Castle Lite ad (sies), the one featuring Vanilla Ice (double sies). Personally i think the Hansa ad is on to a better thing with Vuyo and his wors, i'd rather eat that wors. Maybe it's just me but i think long hair looks shit on a grown ass man, much like sporty convertibles on balding daddies.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So i'm getting back to that bad old habit that creeps up from time to time, i'm neglecting my blog again and it's getting worse, it's been 9 days since my last confession, the longest break i've taken from my blog. Instead of chasing after stylish young things (and some old things) for blog content, I've been going to cosy winter dinners with friends and leaving the camera at home. I've also been spending some evenings at home and instead of curling up with a good book like intelligent folk do i've been watching bad series dvds, mostly Gossip Girl season 4. That show is so annoying and yet so addictive, seriously it's the same fucking storyline every season, nevermind that i'm too old to consider teenage promiscuity entertaining. Like most people i caught on at a young age that the The Bold's Brooke-Ridge-Taylor triangle was bullshit and that it would never end, yet i go back to GG to torment/entertain myself with yet another dose of the Chuck-Blair-Dan-Serena-Vanessa-Nate-Jenny who's fucking who octagon. Even as I repeatedly puke in my mouth from nausea brought on by bad scriptwriting i can't get myself to stop watching, and now i'm freakin out because i don't have the last two episodes on my collection, holla if you have, and i'll love you long time if you  have season 5 for me. My other bad entertainment choice is following the rather public meltdown that is @NonhleThema. Reading her tweets is much like stopping at a car accident scene to view the wreckage, except it's okay to laugh. and occasionally kick the victim. If she hasn't come to her senses and deleted last week's tweets you really should join the 33 000 South Africans that are following her. Fuck Charlie Sheen, Nonhle is here and she is high on fame, cash and Jesus. I wonder if she'd be open to posing in front of my lens if i asked, mhmm. Anyway, i'm slowly coming back to life, so i'll probably pop out this week and shoot some fucking pictures already. It's the only thing that'll keep me from posting cat pictures.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Skattie don't you just love it when you pick a theme for your party and your friends rock up dressed appropriately? Of course there'll always be a couple of arseholes in tee-shirts and jeans but  that's okay as long as most people make the effort (some better than others). It really is a bit annoying when one thinks up a theme only to have one's guests arrive as though they didn't get the memo, or to arrive at a party dressed up only to stick out like a sore thumb, like you're the one that fucked up. Thankfully that wasn't the case at my friend Angie's birthday party last nite as i'm sure you can see on the pics above. As for what the theme was, probably more fun for you to figure that one out for yourself. Thank you Angie and happy birthday sweetheart.
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