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Sunday, February 3, 2013

J&B MET 2013 /// PART 1

Yesterday I spent my day at the JHB Met, oops sorry I mean J&B Met. I was there on Sunglass Hut’s invitation, so I spent most of my time at their marquee. Really awesome marquee by the way, great vaaarb, no bullshit. Except for like 4 pics, the pics below were all taken at the marquee. So thanks to SH for that. Last year I went on the media accreditation that one gets from the Met organisers and not to sound like an ungrateful little shit, but that general media accreditation is fucking depressing, it was/is literally only for general access, like zero access to the tents and their vip vibes. And I was soooo hungover on that day last year, like suicidal, and fat, really fat, fatter than i am now, and sitting outside the tents watching the beautiful people preening about didn’t help. Still gatecrashed thesabc marquee tho, and drowned myself in vodka. Of course on principle I hate all things vip, that shit is not of our time.  However, as we all know I suffer from paralyzing insecurities, and now that I am off the booze the only antidote for them is constant superficial validation, and being on the right side of the velvet rope does the trick. Pathetic I know, one’s self worth should not b attached to external shit, but for today we leave the healthy thinking to the emotionally stable, well adjusted and most probably uninteresting.

Anyway, the coolest thing about the SH marquee? The ticket came with a R2000 SH voucher. So guess who is going shopping today? Okay, just showing off. Enjoy the images, these are the looks/moments I enjoyed. Tomorrow or the day after I’ll post pics of the other moments, you know, the rachets, the unfortunate, the missteps, the ones that took a wrong turn on the road from intention to execution, the 2013 recipients of the Skattie, What the Fucking Fuck? Awards.

p.s. this year's theme was Made To Fly


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