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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Last Friday on the eve of the J&B Met I went to check out a little soirée that designer Gavin Rajah had put together at the Table Bay Hotel at the Waterfront. Besides drinks, diet inappropriate food (my diet), we were also treated to fashion shows by Jenny Le Roux (Habits), Uyanda Mbuli (Diamond Face Couture) and of course Gavin Rajah. I had fun and the fashion was lotsa fun too. I must say Uyanda was a bit of an education for me. I’m singling her out because let’s be honest here, it’s easy to be skeptical of people who become famous first and then become designers, in fact it’s probably healthy. But I actually didn’t hate her pieces. I remember seeing her stuff last year on some TV program, top shayela? and thinking to myself “how fucking awful”, but actually this time that was not the case. So well done to her and fuck me for those moments when the bitter fashion graduate in me hates on celebrity fashion ranges.

Now skattie I got there a bit late, so I’m not sure if the were other designers showing. There was also quite a bit of Peroni around and my friend Mak who does Peroni pr was there, so I assume the event was sponsored by Peroni. These are all things I probably should have asked. Thankfully this is not a journalistic blog skattie otherwise I’d have to fuck with time consuming shit like facts and research.

I also wish I had more pics for you because I saw a whole lot more designs than you’re seeing here, but the pics came out so fucking shit, some of the ones here are shit, but trust me the others were way shittier.  It was one of them days, I couldn’t get it together. Probably because after almost a month of observing an enjoyable 70% raw diet, on this specific day something came over me and I found myself shoving doughnuts down my throat for breakfast, at a McDonalds drive thru for lunch and at a KFC for a mid afternoon snack, by the time I'd settled into this event I was juggling macaroons of all colours straight down my gob. I was a muthafucking wreck. Anyway, those who’ve been around these parts for a while know what time it is. And to all the nu skatties, welcome to free shit, sometimes it's out of focus and sometimes it’s just kak photography, trust me you’ll live. And if some of you are grammar/punctuation nazis? Please, just please, no.

From top to bottom: 1 & 2 = Habits, 3 = Diamond Face Couture, 4 & 5 = Gavin Rajah, 6 = Guest


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