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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Firstly i must put it out there; I fucking looooove fashion weeks. Besides the catwalk I love them for so many other reasons, i love them for the kids who get laughed at all year for their crazy outfits but for a few days are considered Queens & Kings of style (mostly queens),  i love them for the socialites who won't dare come to a show unless they are guaranteed front row seats, i love them because anything behind front row is considered a separate planet from front row, i love them for frienemies, i love them for germ-free air kisses, i love them because they're called fashion week, all four days of it, i love them for glamour borne out of therapy-level self-esteem issues, i love them for the glamouri who look down on those who actually had to buy their tickets, i love them i love them i love them. I swear if the banks were to make the mistake of letting me near a credit card again i'd be chasing fashion weeks all over the show, fuck i'd even got to the P.E. one. Of course there is the little matter of 'business of fashion', unfortunately and quite often a showing at a fashion week does not necessarily mean future success for designers. But that's a subject for bloggers/writers that are more skilled and informed than i. Me i just love it all. I guess you could say i'm fooled by the rocks. Today I went to check out the student ranges at the 'fastrack' event which is aimed at helping fashion students get into the industry. The pics are above are a selection from some of the ranges. Unfortunately i could only pop in for an hour at 18h00, but the event actually started way earlier at 14h00 and i'm sure there was a whole lot more. The event was open to the public and whilst there were sprinklings of the fashionista/o, the crowd was generally umm... well...beautiful in a pedestrian sort of way. My lens can't wait till tomorrow when the main shows start and the fashion crowd descend upon the CTICC. I hope to see you there skat, even if you have to buy a ticket. Faux or real, glamour is good for you, i prefer mine faux.


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