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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


So before last night, that is before i made the commitment to check out the 'Michaelis Alumni and Staff Exhibition and Auction', i had sort of been contemplating joining the 'Equal Education Candlelight Vigil outside Parliament', i was touched by Cape Town hipsterkind's facebook comittment to the event. As we all know, you can't rely on people clicking "i'm attending" on facebook to gauge attendance. Sadly, when i drove past parliament on my way to Michaelis it looked pretty empty, i hope it's not a case of "it just wasn't hip enough for all them facebook false promises", maybe it was just the lack of free wine. Obviously wherever you are in the world people can be unreliable but Cape town's hipsterkind are notoriously fickle. I didn't drive back to parliament after the exhibition but i hope it all worked out, we really do need to sort out the education situation in this country.However, last night my friend and partner in crime Marcii told me about the exhibition tonight at Michaelis so i had to make a decision. i felt a bit guilty, seriously you can't beat a night vigil for equal education. I chose Michaelis eventually and thankfully when i got there my friend and Michaelis lecturer Andrew Lamprecht reminded me that tonight's event was also socially responsible because all the work on show from Michaelis Alumni was being auctioned and the dosh would go towards bursaries and scholarships at the school, and i must say if i was a little better at saving money and my car didn't need immediate attention i would have spent a bit of money on the art, nothing washes away guilty stains quite like money. Oh well, at least they had free wine.


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