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Thursday, July 7, 2011


Firstly i must admit that among other things i'm also fairly ignorant about a lot of shit, mostly blissfully so. But fortunately i find myself in situations where i learn a little more everyday. Today I went to check out the launch of 3 picture books at Warren Editions printmaking studio. The picture books are visual narratives in book format, telling stories without the use of words. The 3 books feature the works of 3 Cape Town artists/Illustrators, Michael Taylor, Jean de Wet and Jordan Metcalf. Ignorant me i thought picture books were just for kids, but as it turns when in the right hands they can be desirable works of art for adults. 150 of each were printed and they are R350 each or a R1000 for all 3. Check out their website if you want to know more, better yet if you're in Cape Town try and get to the studio to check out the books. They are actually quite nice, i have my eye on the 'The Gifted' by Michael Taylor. Apparently picture books are quite popular in Europe, makes sense then that they should be launched in Cape Town, Europe is after all Cape Town's favourite wet dream. 


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