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Sunday, July 17, 2011


I don't really like writing about fashion, don't get me wrong I love fashion, after all it is all i know. It's what i studied and I've worked in different parts of the industry over the last decade, i even tried to start a label immediately after fashion school, which by the way is not always a good idea, never mind that it was a pretty shit label to begin with. Currently i work as a fashion buyer and then after hours it's this blog. So i guess you can say that fashion takes up a lot of my headspace. You'd think i'd love writing about fashion, but no i don't. I don't know, maybe it's fear, maybe it's the respect i have for fashion journalists, and anyway these days everybody and their cousin is a fashion commentator. I read a lot of fashion blogs and i often find some online fashion commentary to be rather sycophantic and ill-informed with way too little critical engagement. And with all the free shit people get given, you have to wonder about the integrity of some opinions. Does she really think that bracelet/shoe/shades/whateva is hot? or is she feeling under pressure to say it is because got it for free? Anyway, it is fashion week and if i'm ever gonna write anything about fashion what better time is there? I'm sure everyone who was there has their favourites, mine were David Tlale, Gavin Rajah and the Design student shows which were done as part of the Fastrack initiative. It's not to say that others were kak, it's just that i like a bit of dramatic style and these guys brought bags of it. Whilst most of the ranges were exquisitely executed, I found some to be quite safe and well within the trends. Beautiful no doubt, but not really taking us anywhere that international designers haven't taken us already. I suppose designers have to make money and the familiar sells. There were lots of oohs and aahs from the fashion crowd on twitter, proclamations of the new maxi the new colour blah blah blah. I do think if you work in fashion this is all info you would already be familiar with. Honestly tweetheart, was it such a big revelation? or are you just singing for your media lounge dinner? I was most surprised by how much i liked Gavin Rajah's work, everybody expects a bit of OTT work from Mr Rajah and yes it was there, but i found it to be very tastefully done and a lot of work went into the smaller details on the garments. Looking at some of the garments i got the feeling that he'd really explored his craft. The range might not be to everyone's taste but i recommend you go have a look at the pics and form your own opinion. I also found some of the student work to be quite edgy and bloody good, if i look back to my student days i can't remember putting together work that was as resolved. Shit, maybe i really was a kak designer. Last but certainly not least, the David Tlale show was my absolute favourite, it was a shit-hot range and the presentation was wow, excellent showmanship, the pics don't do it justice. Beyond the nods to known trends, he also pushed his craft a bit further in the details and cut of the garments. Overall i thought the whole fashion week event was bloody well organized. I had way too much fun and made some new friends. It's always so great to be amongst a large group of fashion lovers. and like i said  the ranges were generally beautiful and efficiently presented, well...with the exception of that Dr Rey lingerie show, i didn't get that, nice enough lingerie but his antics on stage left me feeling a bit molested.


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