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Friday, July 1, 2011


Askies skat but i'm totally gonna sound like a typical blogger (yes they irritate me too). Here goes: *in high pitched voice* I die for these leather aprons. No really skat i do, fucking bury me now. They belong to Jon-Paul Bolus (the darker denim shirt), owner of Loading Bay at the Waterkant. Thanks to the know-all i share apartment and bed with, i also found out that Jon-Paul was voted GQ best dressed for 2009. And to think i just happened to pop in there for coffee (beer) and free superfast internet. Thank goodness i got over my poser ways and i'm not a vegan anymore (only lasted 6 months, that's 3yrs if you speak poser) or i'd be forced to feel funny about dead cows becoming aprons, but you must admit it's a stylish afterlife, tasty too if you like steak. Love love love *in blogger voice*


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