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Monday, July 18, 2011



If you read my previous post you might know that Dr Rey's show was my least favourite. Anyway i gave it another thought and i figured; what the fuck do i know about lingerie? in fact, what the fuck do i know about Dr Rey? i don't even have dstv and i only ever watch regular tv like once a month. so instead of behaving like a prudish old queen i thought it best to share the pics i took with you so you can formulate your own opinion, and also so that i can move past this show and share pics from some of the other beautiful ranges i liked like Thula Sindi and Stefania Morland, i'll be posting those in a day or two. Anyway, feel free to share your opinion of the Dr Rey show with me, i think i need the enlightnement.


  1. Pic 11 her bra is multiple sizes too small. Ouch.
    Also... maybe I'm too used to international fashions shows, but why is Cape Town's show so non-couture? Interesting as some of the designs are, are people only interested in ready-to-wear? Or am I stupid because I can't see that these shows are in fact somewhat couture?
    Back to this underwear: how is it different from anything I've seen before?

  2. that underboob is unacceptable.

  3. i stand to be corrected but i think the lack of haute couture is driven by serious market realities, there's probably a far better chance of making a living if designers focus on ready-to-wear. i do think though that there's elements of it in some designer's work. i think.


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