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Saturday, July 23, 2011


For someone who likes to party as much as i do i'm really not that big on music and as i've mentioned before i'm pretty pathetic at booty shaking, although in my youth i've done a fair amount of it on many bars, speakers and tables. Blame it on the arrogance/ignorance of youth, such a beautiful thing. With the exception of my sister i don't come from a very musical family, when we were kids my dad didn't really like it when music played in one room could be heard in the rest of the house, so now i'm kinda the same and when i am alone at home it's almost always quiet. Don't get me wrong i do like music, but i like earphones even more. I fear i might grow up to be one of those horrible neighbours who calls the cops on your ass just as the party starts to heat up, lord knows i've knocked on a couple of neighbour's doors already. My partner on the other hand suffers from the opposite condition and has a rather large music collection that gets played at a volume my father would not appreciate, so you can imagine how well that works out. It's not that the music isn't great, it's actually a fucking excellent collection. So i'm over the moon that APR has found an outlet for the dj'ing tendencies, and is actually damn good at it, and no i'm not just saying that for the sake of domestic peace or for sexual favours, although the latter is always welcome. Always. For my part I get to entertain my teenage ho fantasies by hangin out in the deejay box all night. It's a win-win situation skat.


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