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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Excuse me skat if this post if this post starts to sound too much like a post about the weather but i do live in Cape Town, and us Capetonians of a certain age take our weather very seriously. When winter starts we tend to go into serious hibernation or we change our party habits. Dinners and house parties (especially at houses with fireplaces) become more important than a night out on the town. I can feel myself heading towards hibernation. In fact i've only been out once this week, I went to the Royal Night Market at the Labia  on Friday night and even then i only stayed for an hour, drank only coffee (i try to avoid alcohol in winter skat, don't ask it's my new old thang) and i made sure i was back in front of the tv under the duvet by 22h00. I fear my boring winter life might kill my blog.  I am riddled with like a thousand fears, and one of those is the 'fear of the dying blog'. See if i don't go out and take some fucking pictures then what the fuck am i gonna post? and i really don't wanna be searching the internet going through other people's blogs looking for images to re-post on my blog, that's just not my steez. Last winter things go so desperate i decided to start a new blog called 'Skattie, how you livin?' focusing on people's homes and on dinners and stuff. Needless to say, that bitch was a stillborn, never really managed to attract more than one follower. It's still floating about on the interweb. I haven't updated it since last winter. Maybe i'll revisit that project, or  maybe things won't get that bad, maybe my desperate and never-ending search for validation will get me out of bed cold night after bloody freezing night and i'll be exclaiming 'hawemur!'  whilst snapping away at hopefully interesting winter style.

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  1. hi darling! love so much your blog... i'm just followed you! hope you can also follow my blog!!! kisses


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