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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Aqeelah, I like her blog

Like i told you two posts ago skat, it's winter and i might not go out a lot. However i really do love exhibition openings. besides all the beauty hanging on the walls, it is also a very non-committal way to hang out and see friends you haven't seen since last week at that other exhibition opening. and the booze is either cheap or free. The worst you might have to endure are awkward attempts at small talk and the infamous Cape Town greeting code. Do I? Don't I? Do I initiate? Do i act like i don't see her? Is she fucking acting like she doesn't see me? Tonight i went to check out Between 10and5's first photography exhibition. The images on show were a collabo between Elizabeth Galloway fashion students and fresh photographers on the come-up. The Venue was the new Museum Photographic Art Gallery at the Upper East side hotel in Woodstock (Loves it, what will they think of next?)

I generally don't like to comment on the style of the people i photograph, i think it's a subjective thing and according to my Skattie facebook page stats most of you fall between the ages of 24 and 35, so i have to assume that after two decades of getting in and out of clothes you are able to make up your own minds. Or maybe it's my self-esteem issues and a fear of putting myself out there, fuck knows. However i will say i really really really enjoyed the style at this opening . Lots of cool lady-like interpretations of the ubiquitous-when-will-it-stop-somebody-please-make-it-stop vintage trend, and a tounge-in-cheek  play on sophisticated looks. Sure helped me recover from the style drought i experienced at the Michealis opening 2 days ago.


  1. I only look at ppl's pants lately: they're the window to their "other" souls...

  2. awsum post as always :)

    xoxo wooden handbag gal


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