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Friday, May 20, 2011


I've got the flu so i should have stayed at home, in fact i should have done that the two previous evenings, but each evening i keep running out due to my terrible fear of missing out, and tonight i really couldn't miss out on the opening of my friend Liam Mooney's new showroom 'Dry Goods'. He really does design such beautiful furniture, if my word is not enough for you please do check out his site. I'm also trying to get back to my old habit of posting on the same night as the event while the wine still runs though my veins, but it's taking it's toll, i have a day job too you know.But it's a fun life so i must stop whining, and I must thank my friend Marco for taking some of the pics tonight, i really only had enough energy left to lift my glass from bar to mouth. But i'm so glad i went, maybe tomorrow i stay home and prepare my kittens for the championship on Saturday. Fuck, can't wait to skattie that, it's gon be a trip. in Edgemead nogal.

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