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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Whether you are voting for Godzuma king of the HIV preventing shower or good old botoxed Cruella de Zille, or maybe you live in KwaZulu-Natal and you like flags with elephant drawings so you might choose to vote for the ihavepee, whateva. I wish you a happy and successful voting day if you are heading to the polls today, well done for exercising your democratic right, and if you are not voting have the good sense to lie and say you did vote. South Africans are especially judgmental of suspected political apathy around these times, just trust me on this one skat. Check for marks on the thumbs of those who voted and try to duplicate with a marker, perception is reality skattie, if it looks like you voted then skattie you did vote. If marks on your fingers aren't your thing then wear gloves for the next couple of days skat. Whatever happens, just don't get caught out for not voting.


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