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Thursday, October 24, 2013


 Greed is a muthaphukkin bitch I tell you. Tonight was one of them nights where there was so much happening in CT. David Tlale had something on at the Bromwell, Adriaan Kuiters had a range launch, Tiger of Sweden had an opening at the V&A and Cape Town Art Fair launched. Thing is they were all 18h00 for 18h30. Greedy ass fucking glutton that I am, I tried to attend all ‘o them, because you know, more is more. I imagined I’d come out with lots of pictures and a mega post that would make you forget that I hadn’t posted in a bit. Like Lady Gaga I did it for the applause. By the time I got to the last event, the Art Fair, it was almost closing time and I managed to relax and shoot these images, and everything I shot at the other events looked shit because I was rushing around. Admittedly there was also a bit of a slim pickings situation. At one of the events, the ladies embraced the bodycon, as though it had just hit, fresh off the runway like. At another, the three tv celebrities in attendance were the most stylish looking, never a good sign in my book. And at another, the hipsters looked as though the summer arrived before they'd had the chance to check out tumblr for the summer's dress code memo, so they reached back to summer 2012's ironic. But hey, with a little more time at each event, who knows what might have come of it. Learnt my lesson though, not to be fucking greedy, must choose an event and stick with it. Oh well. Enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. Eh...just 4 shots?! Greed got your fan craving for more...bred more greed!
    Love them tho.


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