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Friday, October 11, 2013


Just in case you still ain't seen it, this video, The Purge, is an artwork by my partner in life and hustle Athi-Patra Ruga. It was commissioned by Puma for World Peace Day, which is 21 September. In case you don't know about Puma's films4peace project, which invites some of the very best artists from all over the world every year to create new work, go here to find out

The vid was launched on 21/09. Of course I'm totes (not sure if it's still okay to use that word) behind on posting it, but to my defence I've watched this vid like a 1000 times with Athi, that by the time it launched I was purged the fuck out. IT. IS. AMAZING. and that's not just biased Mali speaking. Watch it!!!!

Athi had this to say about it: "This video isn’t just about peace in itself, it is more about the process of getting there. I wanted to create a slow time-inspired unravelling of the identities – something that fascinates me – that weigh heavily on us and, perhaps, our daily performances as people. That is what the most recent avatar in my latest body of work does… in a loop. The Future White Woman of Azania (FWWOA) is a character made up of paint-filled balloons and resembles a science diagram."

Visit to read the rest of the interview with Athi.
P.S. it's best watched with loud ass headphones on ya head.


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