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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


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Check out this very interesting video which was sent to me by Zoe Gray, who is a researcher for a site that provides education and industry insights to MBA students. This specific video takes a critical look at how "disposable fashion" affects the fashion industry as a whole. What do you think?


  1. I work as fashion trend forecaster for an online fashion retailer and this video is spot on! The role of trends in the fashion industry helps to create a supply and demand effect (one season the must-have item is a sweatshirt, the next season it's a biker jacket) and I think that mainstream fashion media can can play an important role in breaking that vicious cycle of fast fashion trends. Before we can take action against the effects of fast fashion, we need to be made aware of it, which is exactly what media can do... make consumers more aware.

  2. completely agree! especially with the statement that fashion needs to take a breather so that it can become more timeless. i find it funny when people are complaining about a trend that's been around for only six months but is 'so old' and 'out of fashion' - that's merely because we've become so bombarded with new trends (which are just the same trends from long ago), that our fashion-attention-span has dwindled to about two months, which saddens me. personal style and a good sense of fashion for the individual is what is essential to stop this constant supply-demand concept of fashion, because if you wear a particular thing for a long period of time, regardless of what's 'in fashion', it can help eradicate a lot of stress on the industry itself. being told that we need to like so many things leads to people liking too many things and that is essentially the problem


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