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Friday, November 1, 2013


As anyone who follows my instagram probably knows, I spent the last week in Dubai, attending the inaugural Downtown Design festival. I have to say how much I loved Dubai, I know some people absolutely hate it, some like to ridicule it’s ostentatious ways, but I fucking couldn’t get enough of it. I’ve been around a couple places in my time, New York, London, Barcelona, French Riviera, etc. But I have never fallen in love with any of them. Even with all their beautiful architecture and sense of being heavily steeped in history, I’ve always been like ‘wow, that’s beautiful’ and a day or two later I started missing my beloved Cape Town, but Dubai I instantly fell in love with. I love that everything is so new and shiny, I love the city’s confidence, the ridiculous speed at which it develops, the safety, the new money, especially the nu money vibes. I can’t stand old money vibes anywhere in the world, can’t relate to it and its pretensions. Plus I’m always irritated by the airtime it gets from the many of us who have no real connection to it. It must fuck off already. Anyway, that’s another issue for another day. Here are some pics from the trip, if you want to read more about Downtown Design, and Dubai architecture, do check out, where I’ll be writing a couple of updates to tell you all about that. Enjoy and have a happy weekend.

Random fact: Over 80% of the people that live in Dubai are expats from other countries, and Dubai is home to over 200 nationalities.


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  1. can not agree more! dubai is one of my favourite places. absolutely love it.


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