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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


So I’ve been wrecking my brain tryna think of the most fun and just way to give these two golden circle tickets away. As it is, so many friends have called me up and sent me fb messages asking me to pick them, tsk tsk, my friends be so corrupt. Bless.

Anyway, here’s how we gonna do it, I’m gonna give both tickets to one person, because I think it’s more fun that way, to take your bestie or whoever to enjoy the show together, I’ll also throw in a bottle of wine from 4th street, the wine company that paid for the tickets, and that’s also paying for my VIP tickets in a box somewhere about the crowds, hashtag bestlife.

So I decided it best to look for a winner who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and has a bit of a sense of humour. Here’s how you enter: Take a pic of yourself in the most creative, most fabulously ridiculous Rihanna themed outfit you can think of wearing to the show, and send it to Then on Saturday my panel of judges will go through all the pics and select a winner, of fabulously ridiculously skattieliscious proportions. In the interest of transparency (and entertainment), I will shoot a video of the judging session which I will publish on Sunday night when the winner is announced. Closing date for entries is 17h00 on Friday (11th Oct). Riri’s show is on Wednesday the 16th at Cape Town stadium. Please note that these tickets are only for the Cape Town show.

Okay. The competition in now open.

P.S. For you entertainment check out this video below which the guys took when they came to deliver my invite and tickets. Albeit a slightly re-edited version because I hate myself on video.


  1. Entry sent and fingers crossed

  2. how many pics am i allowed to enter? im totes doing this!

  3. Hi Nangi, you can enter as many as you wish. :-)


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