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Friday, October 4, 2013


Lemme be the first to say that whilst I do love these images, there were 10 times more pics of skattieliscious people that I could have taken. I don’t know what it is, but whenever I am in a situation like fashion week, where there are stylish folk all over the place, I get slightly overwhelmed and I end up taking the minimum amount of pics, but put me in a room where I really have to work hard to get the kind of style I like and I work so much harder. Must be some fucked up relationship I have with the idea of suffering for all things worthwhile, and I’m not even religious. Oh maybe today it was because I left home angry because of that stupid open letter Sinead O’ Connor wrote to Miley, so can’t stand Sinead right now, can she retire quietly already. Ag fuck it, it’s almost two in the morning, no time to be existential, it is what it is, will have to do better tomorrow. I also took lots of pics of the stuff on the ramp, and the performances that were part of the November project, I’ll post that tomorrow or during the weekend. So much exciting stuff. Of course you can also go to SDR to check out the full ranges, the pics are definitely up already.


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