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Monday, September 3, 2012


Actually this post should be called SHAMELESS /// THE SKATTIE GUIDE TO GATECRASHING A VIDEO SHOOT, because as with many other events on this blog I wasn't invited but fortunately I have caring friends who send me messages like this one: 

and that is STEP 1 for uninvited stalkerazzi types like myself. Then once I found the location I moved on to STEP 2, I found familiar faces and ingratiated myself by turning my car into a hangout spot/bar/make-up car/cellphone charger.

Then once I blended in, it was time for STEP 3, I remembered my place in the world, I am fashion paparazzi scum, which is possibly a rung lower than regular paparazzi scum, so i got working.

STEP 4; know when it is time to leave, which in my case was when I'd had enough drinks in me to get so comfortable that i started behaving like a member of the crew and people started asking questions. So i left, came home and told my cats all about it, and they told me i was talking shit until they saw the pics, they're kicking themselves for not coming with me, they're big Solange fans.


  1. Thats awesome! Cant wait to see the spread!


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