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Monday, September 10, 2012


So on Saturday we woke up at noon, and after emptying every bit of wine/vodka/bubbly/mqombothi left from the previous night's dinner party, we went off to the Hyatt to check out the Skip Fashion Exchange event. the idea behind it is that trendy young thangs bring their designer gear to swop over glasses of bubbly, and while at it do a bit of shopping from the local designer brands which were available. There was also a fashion talk by Noni Gasa. Unfortunately my friend Fumi and I missed the talk, we just couldn't bear the thought of being dragged away from an open bar, uh-uh, no, never. Askies Noni.

...and once we were sure there was absolutely no more free bubbly left, we went to check out the Neighbourgoods market in Braamfontein. I've never been to the Joburg one, I always miss it when I visit. Sorry to say but the Cape Town one has developed a rather suburban feel over the last few years, not necessarily a bad thing mind you, if suburban is your thang. But i really fell in love with the youthful city feel of the Joburg market, pity we got there just as they were closing up, otherwise I would've had a whole lot more pics.

Then we walked across the road to the Great Dane where we colonized a corner and spent the rest of the afternoon telling people about the cycling lanes in Cape Town. They weren't impressed.

PICTURE QUALITY DISCLAIMER: I haven't put one of these up in a long time, and i feel i must for all the new skatties who might not have been here since the earlier days. Here goes, please don't stress about picture quality, that's not what we're selling here and anyway most of the pics are taken drink in one hand and camera in the other. You see our dilemma then, we just can't focus a camera with one hand, and without a drink in the other we run low on motivation. So we kindly ask you to drop your standards and just dzeal.


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