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Friday, August 31, 2012


Ola skats, so ja those of you who know me know that the easiest way to get me to a party is to not invite me. I fucking will pull every fucking string to get there just so that I don’t seem like the only person who wasn’t invited, pathetic I know, don’t judge me bitch. So when my friend Zanele from Marie Claire told me she was interviewing Little Dragon yesterday I pulled just about every string I could get my desperate hands on to make sure my camera and I would be in that room with her. So please do enjoy, and for those of you who will be at the concert tonight I look forward to seeing/shooting you there. Me I’m gonna pass out now, so I can  wake up in time for the Little Dragon concert tonight. Thank you Zanele, Marie Claire for the interview and adidas for bringing through LD, can't wait to party with you all tonight!
NOTE/DISCLAIMER: You film school bitches, yeah I know this shit ain’t slick. Deal. Amateur is truth. 


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