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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Here’s the thing, I’ve never really been a musical type person. Sure I enjoy a bit of music now and then, but only really at specific times. And lately I only really enjoy the simplest least convoluted hip-hop and super sweet sticky-icky pop, which would explain why the last two albums I bought were Lupe Fiasco and Katy Perry. My multi-genre music loving long-suffering sort of significant other has had to bear my with insistence that we play no music in the home unless there’s a party. He who wants to wake up to disco every morning, the gay struggle music as he calls it. Anyway he’s fine now, having found a way to punish me by playing religious theme doccies off youtube, last week it was Jesus the Jew, yesterday it was Jesus the Muslim, and tonight? Yes you guessed it, I am writing this post to the soundtrack of a Black Jesus documentary. I personally couldn’t give 5 loaves and 2 fish what flavor you like your Jesus, just you know…no need flaunt your lifestyle all up in my face, and not in front of children. Anyway, my point, when my friends started getting into Little Dragon a while back, I resisted, thinking oh gawd no, not another supercool band with interesting music to have to get used to. Katy why do I suddenly not feel like a firework? Well after my friends from Marie Claire, Bee Diamondhead and Zanele Kumalo hooked me up with a Little Dragon interview and tickets to the show I made a point of taking time to listen to LD music. A bit late and I know them ‘know-it-all-before-anybody-else’ hipsters are so judging me right now. Well anyway thank gawd for Bee and Zanele because I got me a much needed musical education and now I’m all over that Ritual Union album like black on Jesus, and Katy’s had to move her ass and her fireworks to back of the bus.


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