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Monday, September 27, 2010


If like me you've got a somewhat mild grip on the CT cultural scene skat, you really should know what PASS is about, but just in case you're going thru an ignorant episode let's help you out; PASS stands for Pan African Space Station. It is a 30-day music intervention on the internet and in venues across greater Cape Town from Sept 12th till October 12. There are way too many culture vulture type goodies on offer during this intervention, you'd do good to click on this here link to check out their website. Besides the various events in the greater Cape Town, you ca go and check them out at their broadcasting base on long street, same building as ON BROADWAY, the exact address escapes me, sommer just there inbetween Shortmarket and Strand street.  There's always some or other live recording happening and a cash bar, naturally.


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