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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The PASS (check post below if you're scratching your head) flyer describes tonight's performance as "Kisangani(DRC) based dance collective Kabako Studio's More more more.....Future infuses the hybrid rhythms of Ndombolo music with hefty doses of punk rage and cosmic energy to deliver a pre-Sputnik space travelouge into the unknown..........they merge explosive dance and experimental theatre, mysticism and militancy, riddle and confrontation, within a wholly new context, where weird worlds of sound open before us" Personally i think this description is part lazy, part unimaginative, part reductionist and part dopey, as in copywriters should not gargle with bong water. But i must respect that water, for atleast it gave them the confidence to attempt to describe the super sensual audio-visual experience that is 'More more more...Future". I for one will not even try, i was truly blown away, seriously Oh My Gaga! Maybe someone else did not enjoy it but i loved it, they got me and they got me good. Unfortunately skat, it was a one night only performance, so if you missed it......well, you missed it and you know that much less, shit happens.


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