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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So ja skattebol, as my facebook acquaintances might know, i got myself a bicycle last week. I've been riding around the city with a smug look on my face feeling oh-so-greener than thou and ever so grateful that i live in Cape Town, not only is this city bicycle friendly but it allows one so many pretensions without  fear of judgement, and skattie we all know green is the world's number one pretension at the moment. Naturally I have been onto it for quite a while, just a couple of years ago i was a dedicated pescetarian then vegetarian, and eventually graduating to a full on vegan last year, the joys of soy milk. Of course i'm back to eating meat again, i'm in love with my Missibaba leather visor caps and Naomi would rather wear fur than go naked. But don't despair skat, my new green cycling hobby has erased all residual guilt. Tonight i got onto my ride, Missibaba visor on my head along with my loudest headphones to block the hooter noises from those ozone layer destroying car drivers, you are of course welcome to correct me if the ozone is no longer the big thing to feel guilty about, just as long you let me know what the new thing to feel collectively guilty about is. My destination was a launch party for  Creative Cape Town Annual 2010. I'd be lying if i said i knew what the fuck they are about and you can blame my general ignorance mixed in with a generous dose of self-absorption for that, the booze was free though, so hey. If you are really curious about it, follow this link to visit their site. Anyway, after a couple of beers and pleasant conversation i got on my ride and headed back home. On the way home i rode past what looked like a matric dance (hope this explains the purple dress above), it made me look forward to more random situations that i  might be able to stop and photograph on my bicycle rides though the city.


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