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Friday, September 17, 2010


Just in case you don't know skat, let's cover some basic Missibaba facts. The label is based in Cape Town.  It was established in 2005 by Chloe Townsend who is quite the leather guru. It is an accessory brand...duh. Cool that's the basics covered, you can click here to check out their website for more info. I took the above pics at their Spring/Summer 2010 range launch which was held at Superette in Woodstock last night. The collection is called Cowboy's Little Girl.  Although it's kind of obvious just from checking out the pics, i must say that they really do make fucking amazing leather goods. I'm not one to prescribe but if you are still walking around with yesteryear's shiny/studded/buckled-to-hell-and-back bags, this range should serve as a stylish wake-up call. You can shop them at the Old Biscuit Mill on Lower Main in Woodstock. If u're not in Cape Town, i am not quite sure where to direct you, ja i know i make a lousy journalist. But don't worry skat, i will email them on your behalf and then i will come back and update this post once i've got all the facts on my side (update: got my facts straight, you can buy Missibaba from Misfit, Mungo & Jemima,, africhic to name a few. You can also buy directly from their workshop in The Palms in Woodstock 021 461 1083). . Diligent stylista that you are, i'm sure you'll also click onto their website and get their details for yourself. I first spotted their goods at the Neighbourgoods market a few years ago, i fell completely in love with a belt, i think it retailed for R600, and cheapskate skank that i was (probably still am) i never got around to buying the damn belt. Anyway fast-forward  to 2010, a friend called Justin gave me two leather visor caps from the Missibaba range and they've become a permanent feature on my rather enormous head. I was actually wearing one of them last night when Justin reminded what a good friend he is for giving me those Missibaba caps....eish Justin. At the risk of sounding rather sycophantic, i must give props to Carey Townsend of 'girl about town' PR and communication, the evening was so fucking sleekly put together, it makes me very curious to see the heights to which her PR work will take this label.

BTW, Missibaba won the Business Savvy accessories designer award at the 2010 Marie Claire Prix d'Excellence de la Mode Awards on Tuesday night.


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