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Friday, September 24, 2010


I must confess, the whole braai day thing always bugs me a little when it comes to national heritage day. A country like ours, packed full of diverse heritage has chosen to unite around the burning flesh of dead animals. Really? Of course i'm being a little bit of a hypocrite because i don't have plans to do anything more meaningful to acknowledge this day, and i most certainly will be stuffing some or other dead animal down my throat, but i'm just saying. Anyway, on the eve heritage day, i went to see a photographic exhibition opening by photographer Moeketsi Max Moticoe, which he did in collabo with one of my oldest friends, make-up artist Ronetta Matsietsa (well done love, ever so proud of you). The exhibition is titled 'Herit & Age', and it is showing at Misael on Bree street. Thanks to the two of them, i feel a touch less superficial (or is that a touch more superficial) around the whole heritage day subject. Now bring me my boerewors and my black label.


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