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Friday, September 10, 2010


Greetings art tarts, tarty artists and garden variety skatties. I've posted on quite a lot of exhibition opening nights in the past as you might know. However, most of the time i'm so busy taking pictures and getting absolutely wasted, i really don't get to give the work on show the attention it sometimes deserves. Well skattie, in an effort to exorcise the art poser within, i took a big step this time and i went to the gallery a whole hour and a half before the actual opening, gave myself a moment to engage with the art without being distracted by whole schmoozing business. The only problem is that it also means i was there a whole hour and a half before the bar opened, which is just awful, no one should have to engage with so much art in a sober state. So if you gonna try it out skat, make sure to invest in a whisky flask. But what of the art skat? Well, whilst walking around in my dangerously sober state i happened to overhear a lady from the gallery speaking to a potential buyer. As i said, i was sober, so i can quote her exact words which were "yes, now is a good time to buy because next time his work will be more expensive". I think that about sums it up skat.

p.s. Welcome back Dom, looking even hotter than before!


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