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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Happy Tuesday skattie. I don’t know what you did with your Monday evening and I certainly am not gonna judge you. As for me and mine we went to The Waiting Room to party it up to the sounds of Lindiwe Suttle, TheFrown and DJ Invizable. Lindiwe was performing tracks from her new album Kamikaze Art. My friend Fumi and I got our copies last year before the holidays, and I put mine into my car’s cd player and it never came out, it was literally the soundtrack to my holiday, so last night Fumi and I were them corny people singing along to every song, I swear if we still smoked we might have embarrassed ourselves with some of that ‘basic bitch put ur lighters in the air’ behavior, too much fun.

The Frown, I don’t even know what to say about say about these guys. I love them so much and I also really don’t want to categorize them. It’s not just dance, or rave, or seapunk aesthetics, it’s so much more than a non-music writer like myself can explain. So please do yourself a favour and follow this link to check out their awesome videos  and music, and get to know them if you still don’t know who they are.  Lead singer EveRakow is also first cover girl for the very first issue of Gaschette mag, follow that link too skattie, fresh.

Then DJ Invizable came on, some of you know him from the band Gazelle, and he played awesome beats that are probably gonna make some people very late for work this morning. Speaking of work, it’s mutherfucking 3.30 in the morning, so good night skatebol.


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