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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


There has to be a name for that January gym situation, it’s beyond just ‘nu year’s resolutions’. You know the situation, hitting gym hard, a new diet, blah blah blah. It gets me every fucking year. Last year it had me going on a juice fast for a month, I only managed 17 days, during which I lost 10 kilos,  okay, 9. Nevermind that I gained 12 after I got off the fast. At least for a couple of months I felt slim and I felt all those other things that TV and magazines say go with slim. Mind you I wasn’t actually slim, my weight was in the 3-digit territory before I went into that god damned juice fast, so do the math. Fortunately or unfortunately at the time I was still in fashion buying and I was surrounded by well meaning fashion bitches who are always prone to a bit of hyperbole. With eyes wide open and hands over mouth they would say things like ”Mali! Dahling! You are disappearing right in front of my eyes! You. Are. Skin and bone! “. Delusional faggot that I am, I believed the bitches, never mind the size 36 pants I put on morning after morning. Anyway the reason I’m telling you this is that I’m on yet another mission, details later when I’m sure that I’m successfully headed towards my Spring Summer 2013 body, or twenty thir-thin as I like to call it.

This mission that I am on is the reason I couldn’t stay long at tonight’s event at Merchants on Long, hence the shy number of pics. Me and my girl Bee popped in very briefly and then headed str8 off to gym afterwards, you know, to work on our S/S 2013 #BadBitches bodies. The event was to launch a range of swimwear from Bantu, a label which uses African inspired prints for swimwear and celebrates beach culture around the continent. If like me you thought the name of the label was based on the SA meaning of the word bantu, no it’s not. It’s taken from the Senegalese language Wolof, and it means gateway. So there. And no, we won’t be talking cultural appropriation on this post. I personally love the prints on the shorts, and I imagine that later on in the year when my Spring Summer 2013 body is a reality, I will definitely be rocking them at a beach near you. However, should spring come and I look 3 digit weight, be nice, with your eyes wide open and your hands over your mouth, tell me that I am disappearing right in front of your eyes, tell me that I. Am. Skin and bone!


  1. Oooo I love the pics! And your weight loss/juice fast saga made me chuckle! I too am on a diet, I have a wedding dress looming that I can't even get over the hips doll! Good luck (you and me both)!!!

  2. Thanks Gill, and good luck with that wedding dress :-)


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