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Sunday, January 13, 2013


Went to the L’Ormarins Queens Plate earlier today (Saturday) and it goes without saying skatebol I had a fucking awesome time. In fact I left a packed dancefloor, just as DJ Fresh started playing and that’s only because I was fucking exhausted, having spent the entire day there, plus I’ve had too many late nights in smoky clubs this week. Sober late nights nogal. Yes, today is my 49th day of sobriety. Partying it up hard though, probably out of some twisted need to prove to myself that sobriety will not turn me into a complete bore, there really is no fate worse being a bore. No really skat, boring people are the most boring people evr.

I spent most of the day at the Stud Club Marquee which is the VIP bit and it was packed full of the who’s who. I can’t tell you who they were though because I really suck at that game. If you really wanna know I’m sure a bit of googling will bring you some satisfaction. Anyway the other fags and I amused ourselves by gossiping about and laughing at the Johannesburgers who had a demarcated VIP area in the VIP section. I think it was organized by Peroni or something. I mean seriously, the Stud Club is already a VIP section, filled with some famous people, some really rich people, some beautiful people and the usual husband hunters in bodycon dresses. But all that fabulousness just wasn’t enough for this Jozi bunch of tv presenters and socialites, they had to have a cordoned off section within the VIP section. Ag I suppose it’s cool, laughter is after all said to be the best medicine and that situation gave us lots of it. To be fair though we all agreed that Tumisho Masha’s (who was in this VVIP section) hips probably deserved a marquee of their own.

Anyway, besides all that, I think this really is an awesome event, this was my second one and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the size. It’s not this massive thing, it’s just the right size. I also really love that the theme is always simply Blue and White, saving us from having to see the manifestation of the fashion horrors that exist in some people's imaginations. I’m not gonna talk about the horses though because really skat, what the fuck do I know about horses? I’m just a fag who suffers from the social disease, not the venereal kind skat, but rather the kind that would make one go to the opening of a toilet seat. I’m still envious of my friends that I left back at the party tho, it looked like it was cookin to be quite a big night. 


  1. Beautiful pictures, so well composed. WOW!

  2. This looks awesome. Would love to be there....


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