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Thursday, August 9, 2012


As kind of usual with these morning posts, i just got back home from a rather hectic party night, and i am looking forward to passing out. Last night I went to The Reserve to check out the opening of their new brasserie, naturally I had shitloads of fun, made even better by the open bar. I fucking love free booze. Later after the opening I went to The Waiting Room to check out the girls from Crazy White Bitches's first year annivessary party, and of course that rocked. The pics above are a mix of those two parties, definitely in no particular order, so i'll leave it to you to figure out which ones were taken at The Reserve and which were taken at The Waiting Room. Anyway, pics and parties aside, today is Women's day. I was kind of planning on writing a bit of a rant about issues that affect women in our country. Or rather issues that bug me about the way the female role is viewed in certain parts of our society. And let's be honest here, there are a shitload of men and women who believe some fucked up shit and entertain the idea of femalekind as inferior, which i find to be some really weird bullshit. Anyway, women issues are kind of close to my heart, not really a major revelation that. Besides, almost all my friends are women (note to self: sounds a bit too much like "I'm not racist, some of my best friends are black"), and work wise it's kinda important to me that my bosses be female, I've only had two male bosses in my entire life and both situations didn't end well. for some fucked up reason I don't do very well under male authority, kinda sexist I know, but it's the truth, male bosses don't bring out the best in me. Anyway, whatever, it is 7h00am and i am kind of fucked and i wanna pass out, so it's probably not the best time to write the rant about my issues with sexism in SA, so i'll leave it for now. Hopefully when I wake up a little later today I will revisit this post and write something that borders on insightful.


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