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Thursday, August 2, 2012


When it comes to fashion there's a couple of things that I have a massive weakness for, firstly it's older girls. You might not guess it from looking at this blog because I hardly ever publish pics of older girls but I really love them. I'm talking about them girls way past 40 but tanned (for the melanin deprived ones) and pulled and stitched and rocking bodycons so short they remind me of that line by Patsy from Ab Fab, "You know, one snap of my fingers and I can raise hemlines so high, that the world is your gynaecologist". I find something really special about a girl (a womyn if you're a feminist) who refuses to let go of her youth, refuses to buy into that "grow old gracefully" vibe. I know they're not everybody's vibe, but I love them, and in about 10 years time when I'll be 44 I  hope to be surrounded by them in the middle of the dancefloor downing tequila and indulging in occasional one night stands with people in their 20's. The second thing I have a weakness for is a massively produced almost theatrical fashion show, and the Klûk CGDT show at City Hall on the opening night of fashion week was one of those shows. Admittedly, all of that drama can distract from the actual clothes, sometimes to the designer's advantage, although i must admit I don't think that was the case here. But fuck my opinion, I also went around asking a lot of fashion types what their favourite show was, and this one consistently came up in the top 3, so there.


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