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Friday, March 23, 2012


It's been one of those weeks skattie, where I could not find the energy to attend events in the evening and take photos so I ended up vegitating in front of the idiot box watching one bad movie after another. Ag, it happens, i'll live you'll live and the sun will come up tomz. Anyway, for my sins I decided to torture myself today by editing this footage of hot half naked models. I seriously cannot deal with how hot some people are, even worse is knowing that for the remainder of my time on this planet I probably will never be nearly as hot. It's the purest experience of jealousy, i find myself disliking them intensely and then I assure myself that they are terribly unhappy human beings with poor self image. Whateva, fuck the hot and eat the rich. Me I've had a gym membership which i've dutifully paid for the last 8 years. I convince myself month after month, year after year that I must not cancel it, that I will wake up tomorrow with incredible resolve and build a six pack in 12 weeks just like the guys in the informercials. I still have time on my side i guess, a friend of mine tells me if you don't have a hot bod before 40 you'll never have it. I am 33 going at high speed towards 34, so i guess i have a few more years to miraculously develop the desire to gym like crazy, to develop a taste for fat free flavour free cottage cheese. Actually my partner somehow managed that 4 years ago when we moved to Cape Town, he fucking left me in the fatlands and decided to start gyming almost 3hrs a day, and he hasn't stopped since, the fucking muscle mary. Now all those Greenpoint queens look at me and call him a chubbychaser, whatevs. Anyway, this video will be my motivation, to help me to learn to hate my fat self, so that I too can look like I have a body sculpted in chocolate cement.


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