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Monday, March 12, 2012


Hello Skat, you might have noticed that I have been quiet for a few days now. I have an excuse as usual. This past Thursday morning I flew up to Jozi to check out the winter ranges at Fashion Week. It was a rather busy weekend hence no post, no I wasn't just getting wasted. I took shitloads of pics which I will be posting throughout the week. But I am more excited about the video footage I shot. I’ve never shot and edited video before, so it felt fresh and experimental, something new to focus my short attention span ass on. Besides, what is this technology here for if not for us to fuck around and create with. Now skattie I know that most people who follow blogs locally don’t necessarily check out the videos, including myself. I assume this has to do with the cost of internet in South Africa. Videos can sometimes sommer just chow through a skattie’s airtime. Which is why I will be editing the footage into short 3-5 minute webisodes.

I have always felt that Fashion Week does not get enough attention on our tv screens, and when it gets on the interviwers often focus on tv celebrities at the expense of getting strong opinions from the people who work this industry day in day out, you hardly ever hear the opinions of these people who are really passionate about fashion. SkattieTV is an attempt to in a small online way correct that. I collaborated with Sandiso Ngubane who blogs for The FrockReport on Timeslive and for his own blog Trends Beyond Threads. Sandiso is also a fashion journalists whose work has been published in Marie Claire, Elle, Cosmo, etc. So he is the guy in front of the camera asking all the questions and taking us inside Fashion Week, and he did a brilliant job of it.  So ja, I will be posting short episodes all week, the  shows, interviews with editors, bloggers, opinionistas and designers. Please check out the trailer above to see what's in store for you. Go on now skattie, stop stressing about that bandwidth, you are gonna love it. I will also be posting pics during the week. 


  1. Fresh video! Brings life to the actual event, unlike those boring doccie style vids. Clumsy editing at the end though:( would've loved to see more footage on the designers. Looking forward to the next video skat.

  2. VERY lekker. Can't wait for more.

  3. Thanks for the feedback Siyasanga, much appreciated. And as always, thanks gec.


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