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Thursday, March 15, 2012


Firstly, and I know I’m gonna sound like a stuck record here but I must apologize, as it sometimes happens in the early hours of the morning I fucked up my camera again, this time it’s the lens, at some point during last friday night it completely refused to auto-focus and what the fuck do I know about manual focusing. At night in a dark club. I tried anyway, some pics are fuzzy some are clear but I like them all so I thought I might as well post, I’m sure you’re used to that late night out of focus technique I like to dabble in. If you’re new to the blog don’t worry skat, hang around and you’ll soon learn to lower your standards. The pics below are from the Csquared and David Tlale combined afterparty at Taboo in Sandton. Enjoy.

Also, just a quick thanks to all the people who have sent Sandiso and I love, feedback and constructive criticism via our blogs, facebook and twitter for skattieTV. I am a huge believer in feedback, without it we could easily end up living in shit bubbles and not know it. So feedback is one way to make sure that things are a little less shit today than they were yesterday. So thank you very much and please keep it coming. And quite honestly as much as blogs are about the people who post them, blogosphere would be a pretty lonely fucking dump if nobody enjoyed them enough to read posts, check pics or watch videos.


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