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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Excuse me skattie while I shamelessly plug my partner Athi-Patra Ruga’s new visual art performance piece Ilulwane. Obviously I am proud as fuck and I think it is the most amazing piece of performance art ever. It is part video installation and part live performance. Last night I got to see the 40-minute video accompanying the performance and I listened to the Spoek Mathambo composed soundtrack accompanying the video, it tripped me the fuck out. I had to run to the bar downstairs for a bottle of chard and then I watched it two more times. No, ja, Wow! It had its debut in New York at the Performa Biennale, in November last year, which I posted about before here and here.  If your head works at the same average pace as mine,  I highly recommend you read just a couple of interviews/articles (herehere and here) that APR has done regarding the piece, you know, just for some background, especially around the multiple narratives. Athi will show the piece twice as part of the InfectingThe City art festival. The first one tonight (Wednesday) at 21h00 at the Long Street Baths right on the top of Long and again on Friday the 9th of March at 20h45 (also Athi's birthday btw, and the day Biggie died as Athi always reminds me). Infecting The City is a public arts festival, it’s sponsored and therefore totally free, all you have to do is show up. Hope to see you there later this evening. Okay enough partner plugging for now, I must get back to stressing about why I am the only creative type who does not totally get Monocle, such stress, I really wanna love that magazine.


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