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Sunday, October 30, 2011


Askies for the Facebook Album type post skat, but i think this getaway is too good to keep to my Facebook account. So don't worry, i'm not about  to become a travel blogger. The place is called Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park, and it is located on a farm in the Elgin Valley an hour and a half outside of Cape Town. Me and four stressed out friends booked ourselves a couple of trailers for the weekend so we could get a bit of a breather from the city space. It is after all that time of the year when work can start to feel like a drag as one starts thinking about the holidays, so a relaxed mini break at a tranquil space like Old Mac Daddy can help re-energise the batteries and get one ready for the last lap, and possibly keep you from lashing out at your boss. Besides the beautiful location, another thing that adds to its beauty is the design. The interior of each trailer is designed according to a specific theme. I absolutely love clever design and no detail is left to chance in the interior design of these trailers, it is actually quite inspiring. Which explains why these guys won a Gold Loerie this year in the Three Dimensional and Environmental Design Category for Interior Design Temporary Structures.


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