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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Firstly to let you know what Creative Coffee Morning is all about, here is a description from their website:

"ABOUT CAPE TOWN CREATIVE COFFEE MORNING / This happens on the FIRST FRIDAY of the month and it is a space for creative types to gather. Each event includes a +-30 minute creative story tale, told by a guest speaker/s, followed by Q&A. The gathering begins at 9.30am with the topic story tale starting at 10:00am and finishing up between 10:30am - 11:00am. Creative Coffee Morning is free of charge, you just pay for your coffee and treats!"

So the next one is this coming Friday (Oct 7th) at No. 6 Spin Street in Town, and I have been invited as the guest speaker. I was also interviewed by Catherine Henderson in preparation for the event, you can read that interview here. So if u in CT please come and check it out. The only thing i fear more than speaking in public is a badly attended event. Registration is now open on this website. It is a fairly intimate affair with no more than 25 people, and there are 18 tickets available on the website and as mentioned above it is free. So ja register and let's hang out, chat and drink coffee together next Friday. And don't judge me if i spike my coffee.


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