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Friday, November 4, 2011


So, i've been in a bit of a funk for the last couple of weeks. And i've also been on my sobriety thing for the last month. Thankfully i am sober no more and i'm back to talking endless amounts of shit, glass in hand. Tonight i went to check out a couple of gatherings. The night started off at Blank gallery for Zanele Muholi's exhibition opening titled "Isilumo siyaluma". Zanele is a self-confessed activist and issues around women are at the center of her work. Tonight the most obvious issue in her work was the rape and murder of lesbians in our country. The work was very confrontational, one particularly striking piece was sketched in fresh menstrual blood from the previous day. I loved her work tonight and i am huge fan of  confrontational art that doesn't bother with the niceties, plus the issues she deals with are close to my heart so this was right up my alley. I'll take her work over the self-indulgent musings of over-privileged middle class arty types any day. If only the lesbian fashion was as striking as the lesbian art, i would have pics from her opening. It seems that in her infinite wisdom God gave fashion to the fags (well, some fags) and cargo shorts to the dykes. Yes, i'm generalizing, get over it. The place was packed and not one skattieliscious outfit in sight. So a few minutes after my first encounter with menstrual blood, and not the blue kind, I went off to check out the Positive Heroes fashion show in search of something other than cargo shorts. Positive Heroes is an educational, awareness and self-help action campaign that draws on the power that positive role models living with HIV have to change people's responses. They work to change the stigma around HIV. They host an annual fashion show as a fundraising event. I've become a fan of the important work that they do and i had a lot of fun at the show, and i managed to snap the pics above. The fashion on the ramp, well....I won't go into that. Besides, i think to focus on analyzing ranges at an event that does such important work would be missing the point.


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